[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Roleplaying Act

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Roleplaying Act

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:37 pm

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia
Co-authored by the Grand Empire of Xolox

Acknowledging the importance of roleplaying in the World Alliance and acknowledging the need to level the playing field among nation states. Eurussia and Xolox initiated an Open Forum to outline the initial rules for roleplaying in the region based on experience and the needs of times. Hence, we propose the World Alliance Roleplaying Act.
Section 1 - Tracker

The World Alliance Tracker is any statistical measurement tool well accepted by the WA and approved by Founder that serves as the source of statistical data for the actions of roleplaying nation states. However, acknowledging that the control of these third party trackers are beyond the authority of the WA and the NS, this may change any time based on the availability of the WA Tracker.
Currently, we shall use Broomdces.com.

Section 2 - Population

The roleplay population of a nation state shall be 10% of its Nation States population. This can be achieved through the formulas below:

RP population = NS population * 10%
RP population = NS population * 0.10
RP population = NS population รท 10

Section 3 - Military

The roleplay total military force (personnel) of a nation state shall be achieved through the use of the NS Analysis on Defense Forces and the formula below:

RP military = NS population * NSA on DF / 100,000

Section 4 - Ten Percent Policy

Based on the Broomdces.com Tracker, the statistical data on the following categories shall be adjusted where its ten percent value shall become its official roleplay equivalent value. Or through the formula below:

RP value = Tracker value * 10%
RP value = Tracker value * 0.10
RP value = Tracker value / 10

And these concerned categories are as follows:

Gross Domestic Product
Trade Net
Elderly, Disabled, & Retirees
Students & Youth
Unemployed but Able
Working Class
Government Budget
Government Expenditure
Government Wastes
Budget on Administration
Budget on Social Welfare
Budget on Healthcare
Budget on Education
Budget on Religion & Spirituality
Budget on Defense
Budget on Law & Order
Budget on Commerce
Budget on Public Transport
Budget on Environment
Budget on Social Equality
Black & Gray Markets
Average Annual Criminal's Income / Savings
Recovered Product, Fines & Fees
Guns & Weapons
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Extortion & Blackmail
Counterfeit Goods
Trafficking & International Sales
Theft & Disappearance
Counterfeit Currency & Instruments
Illegal Mining, Logging, & Hunting
Basic Necessities
School Loan Fraud
Gross Regional Product
Region Wide Imports

Based on the Broomdces.com Tracker, the statistical data on the following categories shall remain constant and their exact values shall become their official roleplay equivalent values. They are as follows:

Exchange Rates
GP per Capita
Average Salary per Employee
Unemployment Rate
Income Tax Rate
Consumer Confidence Rate
Work Enthusiasm Rate
Government Efficiency Rate

If another tracker is used, the same provisions shall apply unless otherwise the Founder or the RP Moderators finds that the application of this law towards the adjustments of certain values on other trackers are deemed unrealistic.

Section 5 - Per Turn Policy
To maintain fairness among nation states in all roleplay events, it is mandatory that in every action of an (action) sending nation state, there must be a counter reaction from the receiving nation, before the (action) sending nation state could make another action regarding that particular roleplaying event.
Initially, these provisions should apply to the following:

Military advancements by turn - All nation states are required to wait for the other nation/s turn/s before it can make another military advancement against the involved nation/s. Unless otherwise the nation involved haven't made any turn for the last 36 hours, then a move can be made by next nation or group of nations.
Determination of casualties per turn - All nation states are required to accumulate casualties on troops or losses on assets (with troops of course) if a turn involved an exchange of attacks.
Determination of involved troops per turn - All nation states are required to mention the number of troops involved in every single turn of a nation's military forces are directly involved in a particular roleplaying event.

Section 6 - Major Warfare Rules

In support to Section 5 of this Act, these additional rules shall be applied and be followed absolutely, mandatorily in all roleplaying events related to warfare:

Troops as basis for military assets - As it is required to determine the number of troops involved in every turn, for example you deployed 100 troops, your tanks can carry 5 troops, your jets can carry 2 troops, and your frigates can carry 50 troops, it is expected that in your turn, there could be possible involvement of 100 troops where 50 troops are in 1 frigate, 30 troops are in 6 tanks, and 20 troops are in 10 jets. That's it!

Capital City Downfall in three minimum turns per nation - If nation A invades the capital city of nation B then nation B retaliates (A-1, B-1). And nation A attacks again the capital city of nation B then nation B fights back (A-2, B-2). And nation A again attacks the capital city of nation B then nation B fights back for the last time and incurred lots of losses (A-3, B-3), nation A can now march to the capital city of nation B in victory!

Real life as basis for roleplay military assets - If American tanks can carry 5 troops and Russian tanks can carry 9 troops per tank, you cannot have roleplay tanks that can carry 10 troops or more. If British frigates can carry 150 troops and French frigates can carry 250 troops, you cannot have roleplay frigates that can carry 251 troops or more. If Chinese fighter jets can carry 1 troop and Japanese jets can carry 2 troops, you cannot also have roleplay gets that can carry 3 troops or more!!!

Section 7 - Roleplay Age

This Act is applicable only to Modern Technology Age of roleplaying which shall be defined as the exact equivalent of real life modern age and advancement. Therefore, all roleplay technologies shall not exceed today's standards.

Section 8 - Implementation
All nation states are absolutely and mandatorily required to adhere to this Act and all nation states are encouraged to report any violation of this Act to the Founder and the RP Moderators for immediate action.

[Link to Original]: http://worldalliance.postalboard.com/t590-passed-wa-roleplaying-act
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