[Proposal] [Passed] [IC] Create the Moscow WA Neutral Territory

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[Proposal] [Passed] [IC] Create the Moscow WA Neutral Territory

Post by Shockwave on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:06 pm

Honorias wrote:In light of the recent territorial expansions launched by several nations throughout the world, in which both Honorias and Snarfia have acquired lands that were once incorporated into the Empire of Eurussia, the Crowns of Honorias and the Gaivarvara come before the Security Council to propose that the World Alliance should set aside one more territory as neutral for all nations: the city of Moscow. The former capital of the Eurussian Empire deserves this recognition, and the World Alliance would be best served to provide it, for several reasons:

  • As a city rich in history, both for the late Empire and for the World Alliance as a whole, Moscow should be preserved as an international monument to the World Alliance‚Äôs past.
  • As the location of the World Alliance Headquarters and, as such, one of the few areas of Eurussia still open to international observation and visitation, Moscow is essentially governed by the World Alliance Security Council in the absence of Eurussian authority, and it is only right that this informal situation is codified by active law.
  • Most importantly of all, as both a still-active political hub and the last true remnant of the Eurussian Empire, Moscow is under threat from those that would wish to leverage the World Alliance Headquarters and the cultural heritage of the Eurussian Empire for their own ends.

For these reasons, the Crowns of Honorias and the Gaivarvara implore the World Alliance Security Council:

  • to establish the city of Moscow as fully neutral, international territory, within which the business of the World Alliance can continue on in safety and without bias;
  • to additionally assign to this neutral city of Moscow an area of territory extending fifty miles or eighty kilometers in all directions from the current city limits, which will similarly become neutral and international territory;
  • and to legally establish the authority of the Security Council to govern the neutral city of Moscow on behalf of the World Alliance, not to be relinquished unless an official proven to represent the Empire of Eurussia should petition for the restoration of Eurussian authority over this city,
  • at which time the Security Council in session will determine whether such a request should be granted.

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