[Proposal] [Overturned {Passed}] GMT Standard/Default time of the WA [OOC]

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[Proposal] [Overturned {Passed}] GMT Standard/Default time of the WA [OOC]

Post by Shockwave on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:09 pm

Republic of Trasna wrote:I believe the World Alliance should use a time for all to prevent confusion
Many People/Lizzard People in the NWA come from many differ regions of the World thus confussion would.
I propose GMT https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc
"The set time that a three day time period would end is 16:00 GMT which translates to 4:00 UMT. This time is set for both Discussion and Voting periods. Immediately after the end of either period, the successor action will take place."
So for example if the election ends on 7PM Wenesday Unless otherwised labeled it is GMT 7PM
Prevents Confussion in those in Differ Timezones
Starts a Standerd WA time

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