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SC Election Record Thread Empty SC Election Record Thread

Post by New World Alliance on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:02 pm

First WASC Election:

President: Shockwave
Vice-President: Republic of Trasna

SC Members:
Anx Minor
Independent Carolina
Snarfian Federation

Second WASC Election:

President: Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13

Vice-President: Honorias[2nd WASC Term]

SC Members:
Independent Carolina[2nd WASC Term]
Republic of Trasna[2nd WASC Term]
Snarfian Federation[2nd WASC Term]
Togana[2nd WASC Term]

Former SC Members:
Shockwave [President 1st WASC]
Serenarea [SC Member 1st WASC]
Anx Minor [SC Member 1st WASC]
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