[Incumbent] Second NWA Security Council

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[Incumbent] Second NWA Security Council

Post by Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13 on Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:51 am


The Security Council is the supranational governing institution of the World Alliance.
It is based at the World Alliance Headquarters, Mosnarf, Snarfia.

The Second New World Alliance Security Council is composed of seven seats:

Kosmicheskaya Stantsiya 13 of Erythraea

Honorias of Olympia

Independent Carolina of Asia

Snarfian Federation of Micronesia

Teddyland of Anatolia

Togana of Atlantis

Vitami of Oceania

It is headed by the New World Alliance President (Kosmicheskaya Stantsiya 13). It's main goal is to ensure peace and stability in the NWA.

The Security Council is the supranational executive, legislative, and judicial authority over the New World Alliance. Thus, all the activities of the SC are governed primarily by the WA Security Council Act and the WA General Elections Act.

Convened on 2017/03/29 by virtue of the President of the New World Alliance.

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