[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Roleplaying Act Amendment

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Roleplaying Act Amendment

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:42 pm


Pursuant to the "Emergency Measure on WASC Act Amendment" (Or more commonly known as) "WA Voting Reforms Act", which has reformed the "World Alliance Security Council Act", these voting guidelines now take effect as passed into law on 1/30/2015 at 1:31 AM (GMT-5).

"Section 3 - Functions
The WASC shall have the de facto supranational powers over the executive, legislative, and judicial matters in the WA which shall be enforced through a sixty six percent or two thirds concurrence of all its voting member states."

As recommended by the "WA Voting Reforms Act", although unofficially implemented, we're reviewing certain legislature that were dismissed due to "death by abstention".

Section 9 - Roleplay Integrity

This section is intended to prevent what is commonly known as "godmodding". If needed, a participant in the roleplay may request the arbitration of an unbiased or unaligned Roleplay Moderator or the Founder to settle a dispute concerning the feasibility of a battle report. The one who requests the arbitration may choose who the arbitrator is, as long as they are not involved with any side of the war or battle in question(unless the one accused agrees to this). Once the arbitrator has dealt with the issue, their judgement may not be disputed unless another unbiased or unaligned moderator exists to be appealed to. If there are no candidates for the job, the dispute may be put to vote by the Security Council.

[Link to Original]: http://worldalliance.postalboard.com/t704-passed-wa-roleplaying-act-amendment
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