[Plain-text copy] (Repealed) WASC Secondary Seats Act

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[Plain-text copy] (Repealed) WASC Secondary Seats Act

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:44 pm

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia

This is a legislative RP/OOC proposal.

Following the Security Council Membership Reforms Fora initiated by Wirbanskia, the Eurussian Government will be please to introduce to the SC our proposal during the fora that has received motions and statements of support from our fellow sovereign states. The said proposal particularly aims not to alter the voting system nor the existing setup of the Security Council but increase participation from more nation states to the business of governance of the SC to the entire world by introducing secondary seats with accompanying privileges but lesser to those that carry the primary seats in the Security Council.
However, our proposal aims to increase interaction among nations and at the same time increase healthy political competition among nations to increase the activities of the Security Council and as well as bring more pressure to the Security Council in terms of accountability, dignity, responsibility, and activeness. Hence, we formally propose the WASC Secondary Seats Act.
Section 1) This Act shall be considered a supplementary and inferior Act to the existing WA Security Council Act which shall remain the superior binding law.
Section 2) The Security Council shall allow more seats to its composition with thirteen more seats of representation representing each continent of the world which shall serve as the secondary seats of the Security Council. In support to the primary seats of the SC covered by the WASC Act.
Section 3) By virtue of the preceding provision, the SC can be considered composed of twenty eight member states representing twenty eight seats whereby twenty six of which represents the thirteen continents with two seats each. And the seats of Vice Presidency and Presidency. However, such enlarged composition shall in no way alter the prevailing voting system of the Security Council as prescribed by the WASC Act.
Section 4) The secondary seats of the SC as provided by this Act shall not enjoy the privileges or rights ganted to the primary seats of the SC, unless otherwise explicitly provided for by this Act. But the system of accession and dismissal from the Security Council shall be governed by the provisions of the WASC Act.
Section 5) The secondary seats of the SC shall be allowed to share their opinions on executive and legislative issues, and as well as submit legislative proposals. Thus, with exception on sharing opinions on judicial matters and the submission of executive resolutions.
Section 6) The secondary seats of the SC may exercise to vote on executive and legislative matters (except judicial matters), ONLY, if their counterparts on the primary seats have not yet issued their vote nor refused to vote. And if such is the case, the votes of the primary seat holders shall not be counted nor be honored anymore. It is up to each continental primary and secondary seat holders to exercise due diligence nor consult each other.
Section 7) Each secondary seat holders may request the SC to vote to allow its nation to become the primary seat holders and make the primary seat holder become the secondary seat holder for whatever grounds effectively switching each others' seats of representation on their continent. In this case, the concerned nations shall be prohibited to vote to avoid conflict of interests.
So ordered.

[Link to Original]: http://worldalliance.postalboard.com/t708-passed-wasc-secondary-seats-act
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