[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Freedom of Speech Law

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Freedom of Speech Law

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:41 pm

MEU is the author

Article 1

The law wants to open the WASC for all nations of the region to join the discussions that affects them. That is why this short law is being proposed for the benefit of all nations of World alliance.

Article 2

The law allows nations not members of WASC to join discussions of Security Council except on court cases to avoid interruption. But they cannot still vote because that is only given to members of WASC.

Article 3

Nations of the region can submit proposals for WASC to discuss and vote if it is supported by one member of WASC.

[Link to Original]: http://worldalliance.postalboard.com/t870-passed-freedom-of-speech-law
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