[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Constitutional Nullification

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Constitutional Nullification

Post by New World Alliance on Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:11 am

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia

"Second World Alliance Constitution"

We, the sovereign states of the world, affirming our unity under the voluntary convening and creation of the Tenth Security Council of the World Alliance for the sole purpose of promoting the good and betterment of the World Alliance, do hereby confirm that the aforementioned charter and instrument of institutional foundations of the WA Government is not serving its purpose anymore for the good of the our nations and our community. Thus, we unilaterally declare that the aforementioned charter, formally known as the Second Constitution of the World Alliance, is hereby declared null and void.

Moreover, we, the member states of the Tenth WA Security Council, aware of our heavy burden and responsibility in leading the world, do hereby vow and commit ourselves that our membership to this governing body is in a transitional capacity until such time we determine that the new legal foundations are well established thus we must dissolve this governing body to give way to a newly and democratically elected Security Council or the same.

Furthermore, we, the member states of the Tenth WA Security Council, aware that we now possess the de facto executive, legislative, and judicial powers of the WA Government, do hereby vow and commit ourselves that such powers will be exercised by the Council, as a whole and collectively, only for the good of the World Alliance, with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 member states whose decision shall be based on seventy five percent approval votes, under the guidance and leadership of the Acting Presidency, entitled to the Founder of the World Alliance, assisted by an honorary Vice President entitled to the World Assembly Delegate of the World Alliance, if willing. The President shall have the responsibility to appoint new member states to the Council, provided that the appointees are not puppets and must be registered on the WA Map, which can also be expelled by the Security Council, at will. If a member state in the Council has been proven a puppet, it can be subject to outright ban and ejection.

Lastly, we, the member states of the Tenth WA Security Council, will ensure that peace, security, and stability are prioritized and maintained in the World Alliance and will observe the inherent rights of nations which include but not limited to the following: right to exist, right to self defense, right to association, right to due process, right to sovereignty, and right to independence. In addition to this, we hereby affirm the promotion and the proper implementation of existing WA Forum Rules, WA OOC Rules, and NS Rules.

So ordered.

NOTE: All member states of the region are free to express their opinion on this thread. All member states of the council have the exclusive right to vote and call for a vote. And for this measure to pass, there must be a minimum of five member states in the council to give effect and force to any majority vote of the entire Security Council.

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