[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Inactive Events Act

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) Inactive Events Act

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:16 pm

It has come to my attention that a plethora of old events are within the regional events sub-forum. I am creating this proposal to clean out the events sub-forum.

The Inactive Events Act

All events that have not had a comment for one month may be locked and sent to a proper archive.

Events that have been opened by a member that has now left the region or CTE may be locked the proper archive immediately.

Events that have been declared closed by its author may be locked and sent to the proper archive immediately.

Events that have been closed may be reopened but in a different thread after a period of two weeks since archive.

Events created by now CTE or vacant members may be copied but must seek approval from an RP moderator before hand as to preserve well known and historically changing events.

The author of the event may request the event viable for reopening after a period of two weeks and must properly conduct the event and close it when finished as to avoid any instances where an RP moderator denies reopening due to a record of inactive events.

[Link to Original]: http://worldalliance.postalboard.com/t933-passed-inactive-events-act
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