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Political Party Sub-forum Use Empty Political Party Sub-forum Use

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:15 pm


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Are you ready to stand for your beliefs? Are you ready to be accused of being a party switcher? Are you ready to take the challenge of building an influential political bloc? Are you ready to rule the World Alliance forever? Whatever your answer, your fate is in your hands!
On this sub-forum, the ONLY RULE is ONE PARTY, ONE THREAD, where on it, posting is EXCLUSIVE TO ALL PARTY MEMBERS ONLY. It doesn't matter if you feel the urge to rebut on their conversation. If you're not a party member, back off. This is pure politics talk.
When it comes to Political Party Regulation, it is up to the Security Council or future Parliament to enact laws on that. But for now, any party could institute their own rules and party protocols. And it is also up to each nation how will they treat this political party system in RP and OOC. It could be the name of an existing organization or you just remain to be independent. Your choice.
NOTE: Feel free to post for any inquiry and any respective authority will be glad to help!
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