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Post by Honorias on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:12 pm

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Investigation Reveals Duke Albert of Gibraltar “Never Imprisoned by Nott Regime”
Gibraltar’s Future in Doubt

Isauria, Honorias: After months of waiting, the people of Gibraltar are still no closer to having a new Duke to call their own. They can now be sure, however, that the most likely candidate for the position is officially out of the running, and out of royal favor besides. Earlier today, High Queen Meridia Kaltra-Desere Thermala summoned the Honorian press to the Nerai Palace to announce that Eduard Volkov, whose impassioned plea to the Crowns resulted in the recent liberation war over the Duchy of Gibraltar, had been arrested on the highest authority and charged with impersonating a notable personage, as well as defrauding the Crowns. In addition, “since the fraud in question resulted in the loss of Honorian lives,” High Queen Meridia announced that ‘Volkov’s’ case would be brought before the Nerai Court, where he will be judged by the High Queen and a quorum of the Council of High Commanders, “as well as our equally-injured peer the Duke of Columbia.”

The shocking arrest concludes a months-long investigation into the fate of Duke Albert of Gibraltar, whose death in the war that had been waged to free him from his wrongful incarceration by the Nott Regime has proven a serious blow to the Crowns’ already-fragile reputation. According to the new information revealed in the High Queen’s announcement, the news of Duke Albert’s arrest was, from the very beginning, entirely falsified by the man claiming to be the Duke’s son, Eduard Volkov. “It is our sad duty to report that the man long believed to be an impostor was in fact Duke Albert Volkov of Gibraltar,” the High Queen reported today, “and thus that the operation to eliminate this man, being entirely successful, actually ended the life of a peer whom we had hoped to reinstate on his ducal throne—a throne, it appears, that was never threatened by the regime in Hercules Rock as was previously understood.”

High Queen Meridia answered no questions about what this means for the Duchy of Gibraltar, which remains at this time under military control. Regarding the impostor Eduard Volkov, however, the High Queen promised that justice would be done. “He will be tried in order to determine his actual guilt or innocence,” the High Queen assured the nation. “Should his guilt be proven, his punishment for leading so many of our soldiers, and so many soldiers of Gibraltar, to an undeserving end will be as equal to his crime as we can possibly engineer.”

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War Ends, but Military Build-Up Continues: “No Trust in the World Alliance”

Gibraltar, Still Headless, Attempts to Return to Normalcy

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WA National News - Page 6 Empty Military Exercise in Chivalry Sea

Post by Togana on Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:14 pm

Military Exercise in Chivalry Sea
Today the Togana Peoples Navy started its largest naval exercise in over a decade. It marks the start of 6 days of fleet operations with over 20 vessels including the both Togana Class Carriers in service, and many other ships.

Naval Admiral Chester stated "This marks the largest action we have conducted in many years. It is to show that our navy is still one of the largest in the world, and that we have the power to conduct operations anywhere. This is the first time we have had both carriers operating together in many years. We are showing off our newest Kraken Class Destroyers. Hell we even have the Augusta Class Cruiser; the oldest vessel in the navy, but the last cruiser still in operation in the world.

The highlight of the exercise is the 2 large carriers and the Augusta Cruiser. The Augusta is the only gun cruiser in operation in the navy and is fitted with large caliber guns for shore bombardment. Also in the fleet are the newest Kraken Class Destroyer and Sigma Corvettes. The navy is using this exercise to show they are still one of the most powerful in the world and a true force to be reckoned with.

Naval officials have also said after the exercise the Togana Carrier, Kraken Class Destroyer, and Augusta Cruiser are to make a port of call in the Oban Naval Base in the Huperzia Islands. The first such visit of a carrier to the port in 30 years. Oban naval base just finished its 3 year long rebuild of facilities to be able to berth larger vessels and allow them to continue operations out of the island chain. After the port call and rotation of forces the combined fleet is to continue to the Scottlands Sea to make port visits in allied nations before turning around and returning to naval facilities in Togana. Officials wont release the exact path to the public as they say military operation operate on a need to know basis.

Other News
Lawlessness in Southern Togana requires buildup of Military Forces.
33 Dead in Rail Accident in Augusta

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