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WA Futuristic News Thread Empty WA Futuristic News Thread

Post by Shockwave on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:42 pm

WORLD ALLIANCE Futuristic News Network

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The World Alliance Futuristic News Network is open to any World Alliance member nation to post their news feeds and share to others their views on roleplay in futuristic or future technology era! Specifically, news must be something futuristic and something very advanced in terms of realism of sorts in the World Alliance!
We have yet to issue guidelines but by all means make the news that you like!

Go for WA Futuristic News!!!

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WA Futuristic News Thread Empty The arrival of KC13

Post by Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13 on Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:48 am

The people of KC13 bring tales of Comic Horror!!
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The arrival of KC13 from deep space brought unbelievable stories of fantastic creatures that defy all logic and reasoning; appearing to surface whenever questioned about their journey. Scientists from the "Центральное командование" University say that the claims of such life has been passed down through generations on their colony ships as they made their way to the New World Alliance. The renown xeno-biologist "Wai Bodderman' reassures us that life on the this scale cannot exist.
"These stories are popular. Although there is little proof of any biological life being able to survive in a vacuum on that scale! Our people pride ourselves on accuracy and.. well not massive alien space gods!"
Dispite the disbelief of the intellectual community several cults across the Nation have sprung into action funding their own expeditions into the unknown to prove the existence of these colossal lifeforms; to them their creators, their gods. The head of the KMO Ministry of Defense "Rupus Fondier" makes a statement.
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"Interstellar law dictates that no private-sanctioned spacecraft are permitted to leave the atmosphere without consent of the KMO Space Agency. Any further attempts of departure will be dealt with by the thermonuclear fire of our ground to orbit defense facilities. All that foolishly risk their lives for some superstition will be classified traitors and will be cast into exile. Boda is good, it is good for me. Thank you."
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Post by The Ravenholm Empire on Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:27 am

Xoenhull finished construction
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Following nearly a century of construction, the new Imperial Capital of Xoenhull has officially finished construction. Originally planned in the year 4584, the City was designed to house a the centre point of the Empire of Ravenholm's galactic dominions, and quickly rose to become the most expensive and largest project ever put forth in the Empire's history, and personally overseen by the Deus Imperator.

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The City is divided into 22 districts the city is efficiently governed from the new Imperial Palace and through a series of representatives from across all districts. Set up in a way that will better both industry and civilian life, the city stands as a testament to the Empire's might and the dawn of a new golden age.

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The Ravenholm Empire
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WA Futuristic News Thread Empty Re: WA Futuristic News Thread

Post by Vitami on Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:51 pm


The Ullmanor chapter of the mighty space marines have all finally gathered at the edge of the Sol system. there mission to drive back the Necron machines that reside there and hell bent to destroy all life. "we will defeat them my brothers and sisters we are space marines and they will see how humanity can truly never know what fear is" spoke the chapter general to all the forces as he leads the charge into the crusade of the damed.

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WA Futuristic News Thread Empty Re: WA Futuristic News Thread

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