[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Cultural Agency Act

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[Plain-text copy] (Passed) WA Cultural Agency Act

Post by New World Alliance on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:31 pm

Authored by the Empire of Great Eurussia

Logo of the WACA

Headquarters of the World Alliance Cultural Agency

In light of the recent wars that brought destructions to nations and made reconciliation a politically tainted effort contributing to cultural mistrust among peoples, the Eurussian Government finds it imperative that there must be an international institution that will promote cultural understanding and preservation to protect our history and avoid future wars by way of continuous education with emphasis on the development of our cultures. Hence, we propose the World Alliance Cultural Agency Act.
Section 1 - Objectives

The World Alliance Cultural Agency shall serve as a unique and specialized agency of the World Alliance under the authority of the Security Council that will manage affairs of all nations regarding history and culture. The WACA shall coordinate all international initiatives on historical and cultural preservation and development without prejudice to the inherent rights of nation states.
Section 2 - Leadership

The de facto leadership of the WACA shall be handled by a Eurussian (Eurussia) official, by default, as the Director General. And may be handed over to other nations for the efficiency of the WACA without prejudice to the SC.
All subordinate hierarchy may be arranged accordingly.
Section 3 - Organization

The headquarters of the WACA shall be located in Saint Petersburg, Eurussia. And each continent shall have their respective WACA offices based on each of the WA Neutral Territories respectively. They are as follows:

WACA Office in Asia
WACA Office in Iberia
WACA Office in Atlantis
WACA Office in Olympia
WACA Office in Oceania
WACA Office in Arcadia
WACA Office in Anatolia
WACA Office in Polynesia
WACA Office in Magnesia
WACA Office in Phoenicia
WACA Office in Erythraea
WACA Office in Micronesia
WACA Office in Mnemosyne

Section 4 - Funding, Membership

The funding for the administration of the WACA shall be provided by the Security Council and all its initiatives where voluntary financing from member states shall not be impeded. All nation states of the World Alliance are member states of the WACA without prejudice to their sovereign rights as nations and maybe subject to its policies unless otherwise with their explicit refusal.
Section 5 - World Heritage Site/s

A World Heritage Site is an official designation and honor accorded to a particular monument or structure with high cultural and historical value from the Security Council upon the recommendatiom of the WACA on its will or by request of a member state. A World Heritage Site shall be a highly protected and preserved monument of a nation state and as such shall be considered a monument of the world as well whereby neglect affecting the historical and cultural value of such site shall become grounds for the withdrawal of designation as a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, a World Heritage Site is eligible to receive grants for its preservation, promotion, and development from the WA Cultural Agency.
Section 6 - Repeal of Conflicting Law
This Act shall effectively repeal the WAESCO Act.

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