Vote Teddyland Make the World Alliance Great again!

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Vote Teddyland Make the World Alliance Great again!

Post by Republic Of Trasna on Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:08 am

Vote Teddyland for Security Council
This Election Teddyland is running for a seat to represent Anatolia in the World Alliance Security Council and here is why you should vote Teddyland.

I want Ranked Choice Voting to be used for election in this region
for Example

1. Yellow Ice Cream
2. Blue Ice Cream
3 Mouldy Ice Cream

So let's say you favorite candidate losses you vote goes to the other popular candidate in your rank. Thanks to CGP Grey
I want to more Government Positions for the Security Council
I want to remove the password and allow recruitment
I want the World Alliance and the New World Alliance to keep ties and more communication and puppets to prevent raider
I want help create a organization for trade in the World Alliance
Repeal Inactive regional associations act
I don't support term limits.
I want to ban corportions/Super Pacs from donating to Elections
I want to Create a office of Meteorlgy to provide warnings in case of storms rain sun ect
I want to give people a voice in our region

Teddyland Union is part of the Libertarian Green Party (LG)
Paid for by Lily De Mele. We don't accept Super-Pac or Corporate donors
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