Shockwavian NWA Election Campaign for the Mnemosyne seat

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Shockwavian NWA Election Campaign for the Mnemosyne seat

Post by Shockwave on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:13 pm

What we plan to do:

For starters we have a large amount of proposal ideas floating around in my head to clear up the various inconsistencies, loopholes, and technical errors that plague our system of government. We plan to create a strict set of procedures for each office so as to eliminate inactivity and non-action within this government. While there isn't a whole lot of substance to this campaign speech, we will say that what we plan to do is what really matters.

Please. Join us, and pave our way for change!

-Telimous Andonne (Shockwavian Security Council Representative.)
-Elliot Hanson (Shockwavian Security Council Campaign Manager.)
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