Honorias for Olympia! Honorias for the World Alliance!

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Honorias for Olympia! Honorias for the World Alliance!

Post by Honorias on Mon 5 Dec 2016 - 20:13


The Crowns of Honorias and the Gaivarvara hereby announce their intention to represent Olympia on the World Alliance Security Council. Independent of the World Alliance’s existing political parties, Honorias adheres to a philosophy of variety in world government, and declares its commitment to protecting the rights of all sovereign governments to administer their territories and forge their destinies unopposed by foreign interference. Honorias declares that dialogue and partnership are the cornerstones of international politics, and that wars are the province of the truly desperate alone; and Honorias further denounces any nation that would resort to war for the sake of selfishness.

Dedicated firstly to national sovereignty and secondly to international peace, the Crowns of Honorias and the Gaivarvara declare their candidacy for the seat of Olympia in the Security Council. We hereby request the affirmation and support of the World Alliance community in our efforts to ensure the rights of individual nations to rule or be ruled as their leaders and their people desire, to maintain international peace and pursue those who would break it to subdue their rightfully-sovereign neighbors, and to preside over the diplomacy and dialogue necessary to ensure the stability and growth of our World Alliance!

We thank our supporters and praise our partners as we help to light the way to the future!

Meridia Kaltra-Desere Thermala
High Queen of Honorias and the Gaivarvara
Archduchess of Eslania, Countess of Tomelra and Reslias

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